Intensive one-day seminar in dental bioarchaeology launched by MonBones

MonBones research project launched a successful intensive one-day seminar in bioarchaeology to introduce participants to the analysis of human and animal teeth from archaeological settings. The seminar took place at the Department of History and Archaeology from University of Barcelona.

The seminar included three lectures:

  • The dental technician and specialist in human teeth, Jorge Gomez, provided participants with tools and methods to differentiate the different elements of the human dentition.
  • Jordi Nadal, zooarchaeologist, introduced participants to the use of teeth to identify different animal taxa. Besides, methods to estimate animal age at death by using tooth wear analysis were also applied.
  • The archaeologist specialized on human teeth, Susana Cobo, delivered a lecture about the analysis of human teeth as a source of data to characterise individuals and populations.